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Project Description
The dylan.NET language is a language that uses reflection emit technology to write assemblies to disk. The code genaration makes MSIL code, XML Documentation and also a PDB file in a phased process. It is easy to learn for .NET programmers. It is made using VB.NET.


Please note that development at Codeplex has ceased completely. But dylan.NET still lives at


The dylan.NET language is a language with some close relations to MSIL. These relations were meant to be there. After all all .NET code has to end up being MSIL. Code generation is done by using System.Reflection and System.Reflection.Emit. These namespaces are part of .NET and documentation about them may be found at the MSDN site. The compiler for dylan.NET may serve as an example compiler. Currently the compiler is undergoing a rewrite being done in dylan.NET itself. This will produce commercial grade code. Help is welcome.


The latest version is available at where you can get a copy of the bazaar repository or else download tarballs from the tarball directory of the repo.

Latest Builds

Sometimes I leave the latest build for some time on my PC until I release. Ths is becuase I would still be testing the compiler. Who would want the lastest beta builds may contact me on .

System Requirements

On your PC you need Windows XP SP2/SP3 or Windows Vista w/ SP1/SP2 or Windows 7 or Linux or MAC OSX as an OS. You also need .NET 3.5 with SP1 oe .NET 4.0 or Xamarin Mono 2.6.7 / 2.10.x


See the documentation appended to every release for syntax and specifications.

More than the compiler!!

As of version 7.2 dylan.NET 's compiler became usable from the Windows Commad Prompt Shell, usable from System.Diagnostics.Process.Start() etc.

There is also a dylan.NET editor providing syntax highlighting and built-in compiler (the same one that is available separately).

As of version 7.4 the compiler will be generating program debug files (.pdb) that help debuuggers such as the Mirosoft CLR Debugger(DbgClr.exe) avaialable as part of the .NET 2.0 SDK. This allows debugging support for all dylan.NET programs compiled with v. 7.4 or later of the compiler. The debugger also has line numbers mapped to the opcodes inside the assemblies.


dylan.NET was licensed under the Ms-PL. The new versions at Launchpad are licensed under the LGPL version3.


I appreciate comments from you. You may also leave items on the issue tracker to tell me what what you want added, changed or removed. All the requests will be processed by me and action will be taken accordingly.

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